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  • ...frustration with pressure to grow sales and achieve higher expectations within existing resources
  • ...frustration with the inability to drill down on the specific lead generation activities
  • ...frustration with lack of control
  • ...frustration with having a clear path to new business that doesn’t include a lot of risk
  • ...frustration with what if it takes 200 dials to get one good lead
  • ...finding a way to make the volume of dials necessary
  • How do we improve my “less than” top performing sales people?
  • Are we improving how they find qualified prospects?
  • Can we be more methodical in our business development efforts?
  • Most importantly are we measuring the progress of all three?
  • The basic question, how do I get a good list of prospect s with up to date information?
What's most important to your executive team? Save money, make money, do it cheaply, salespeople working more effectively, real - measurable results, amazing value for my dollar, data on how to drive more leads, or do it with less risk? Don’t know, I wish I knew one company that could do all of those things.
Augmenting marketing a sales efforts:
  • Training
  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • New Reps - New Territories
  • Web offerings
  • New product introductions
  • Profitable or high growth offerings
  • Visibility in the market
How do you judge the strength of a call center? Their mastery of the 6 critical elements, before you ask them to talk about them just ask them to name them.
  • Database strategy
  • Message strategy
  • Process for the "do" and "say" of lead generation
  • People strategy
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Technology
You will quickly see why we are head and shoulders above any other call center.

APC – Areas of Potential Concern

In your mind, what's the first task?

  • Building a contact database?
  • Follow up on tradeshow or other lists?
  • Notify clients of changes, upgrades, or offerings?
  • New product roll out?
  • Lead generation?

Aligning with current activities

  • Supporting product launch or new territory?
  • Grow territories in a specific geography?
  • Drive traffic to website or event?
  • Follow up a new marketing initiative?

What's the vision?

  • Increase sales?
  • Grow marketing share in a new vertical?
  • Open a new territory/help a struggling rep?
  • Create a clear path to new business?
  • Gain control over lead generation?