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Dials Completed

Meaningful Converstions

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Leads Generated

Sink the putt, don't leave it short.

CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Farfsing

Thanks for choosing Revenue Stream Caribe. I’ve been doing this for a long time – outbound calling for businesses. Not selling storm windows but driving high end quality leads for technology, manufacturing, service, and non-profits.

Don’t be confused by companies that say they can do outbound calling to businesses on your behalf. Work with a company that only outbound calls, with their own processes, and proven strategies. Talk to us and learn about them.

Think of it this way, it doesn’t matter how good your speech is, if the auditorium is empty.

Every company needs more leads but they need to be scheduled with companies that can buy your product, with people that will buy your product, and have needs that require your product.

Thanks and welcome aboard.

Lead Generation
Qualifying and target identification
Data collection and database expansion
Message & Process developement

Talented Business Developers


You’re the best at selling your business but you don’t have the time it takes. We can make the thousands of calls needed each week to grow your business. We know how to get your target prospect on the phone and qualify them. Not selling them but show them the logic of learning more from you.

Story Tellers


Your company has a great story to tell, a story that is steeped in helping business people improve their place in the market, their profit, and their piece of mind. The problem is your prospects have never heard it.

We are story tellers and question askers and can deliver your story to a wide audience. We take the time to learn your story and as we have conversations learn the best way to deliver it. We aren’t masters of your product, we are masters of your story.

Masters of Process

Learn More About Your Prospects

We are crazy! We love to cold call business people and talk about their business issues. All day long, without hesitation, and productively.

What do you want from your lead generation team? A crazy affinity for how best to get someone on the phone and get them qualified. We use our internally developed processes know as “contact cycle”. Because of our unique processes our calling effort typically is over 400% more efficient than any other calling team. Not because we make more calls, in fact we might make less, but we have more conversations. Call us and we’ll tell you how.


Over 80 years of outbound calling experience, trained over 2000 inside sales, and have over seen 6 million outbound phone calls.

Steve Farfsing
CEO / Manager

Steve has over 20 years of consulting, sales, and call center leadership. Built and teaches cold calling techniques to start ups to f100. Mentors...

Judy Pollock
Finance & HR Director

Oversees US and Caribbean staffing with 15 years experience working staffing and development.

Jean A. Kranz
VP Operations - Caribbean

Call Center Operations / Sales and Marketing Manager, Jean is a highly accomplished professional with 15+ years of diverse industry experience in leadership and...

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