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High Quality Lead Generation

Over 15 years of lead generation for technology, manufacturing, service, and nonprofit organizations. Highly skilled American, Canadian, and Dominicans located in the Caribe calling for you with one skill, driving leads for your sales team to close.

When you need it done right.

Call now to learn about the #1 outbound call center in the Caribbean.


Near Shore Value

RSC is the only outbound focused call center in the Caribbean finding the best talent to drive leads and identify prospects for your sales team.  A solution you can afford to run with all year long.

Proprietary Calling Processes

We know how to get the right person on the phone, qualify them, and if the best prospect for you, set the appointment. High end, B2B lead generation for your company.

Most call centers are primarily inbound customer support. While this beefs up their number of callers and drives lots of revenue it is a unique skill set. This skill set in not transferable to outbound calling in any way.

In fact it is hard to get an inbound clerk to morph into an outbound hunter. They fight having to do the much more intense outbound lead generation. Now you want the same person (that handled your credit card issue so badly)  to make a cold call to the president of a major company?

We only do outbound calling.

Have you  heard the statement, “we’ve tried that before and it didn’t work?” Since it didn’t work then cold calling must not work. Well calling does work, we do it every day successfully.

We will help you manage the risk of trying it again or for the first time, ask us how. What does your management team value most, growth or not taking a risk? We can help you get the most valid results with the least risk.

How do you measure progress? We know how. Start at the beginning with a base line process and measure each of the key performance indicators. Learn and set expectations – measure – measure – measure!

Not only do we measure every possible metric but you have right on your desktop a tool that shows you every metric live. Who are they calling right now? We can tell you or better yet you can see for yourself.

We get it right, reduce your risk and provide the best in measurments.

Why Choose our Center

  • It's all we do.
  • We have real lead generation street cred.
  • We tell your story for you.
  • We are Americans born and raised and are ready to work for you.

Our Great Clients